Analogous is a Real Estate Platform developed in Django Framework using Django Rest Framework and ReactJS.


  • Admin can add/import properties from the backend.
  • Users can perform a search from homepage by adding the state name and select a purpose.
  • After performing the search, they can see all the properties in that specific location with selected purpose. They can also perform advance search from this page.
  • They can add to cart & purchase the properties to see the details of those properties.
  • Users can register/login on the application.
  • Users can submit their data (a file), and data will be live after admin review.
  • Users can request specific data from admin, if that is not present on the application.
  • Users can see the list of their added and purchased properties after login.


  • Search parameters from homepage: State “AL” and purpose “Sale”
  • Email: demouser@moakt.css
  • Password: admin11@@##
ReactJS, Django, CSS, Django Rest Framework (DRF), AWS, PostgresSQL

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